Sunday, November 27, 2016

Professional Holiday Light Service! Just for you...

It isn’t easy—or often safe, for that matter—to hang up your own Christmas lights. This is especially true if you get around to doing it after snow and ice already exists on your property.
According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) there were 13,000 emergency room visits due to holiday decorating in 2014, with that number increasing each year. In fact, approximately 200 people per day suffer injuries during the holiday season, according to Patty Davis, a CPSC spokesperson. This is no joke: Injuries (typically among older men) include broken bones, head and spinal cord injuries, electrical shocks, internal bleeding, and even death. No wonder healthcare professional recommend hiring residential Christmas light installers to hang your lights and decorations if at all possible.
So contact us for all of your Christmas light hanging services. From set-up to storage, our elf Christmas light installers will handle all of the work for you!
See how our service works:

STEP 1: Planning & Estimating
We come to your home to listen to your ideas and begin formulating 3–4 options for decorating your house and/or property. We will also walk around outside and carefully measure every surface that requires lights.
With all lighting and decorative objects accounted for and planned, we will respond to our visit within 24 hours with sketches and pricing for your approval.

STEP 2: Collecting Decorations
IF YOU WANT TO USE YOUR OWN CHRISTMAS LIGHTING: You are responsible for untangling your lights and inspecting/replacing broken or burned-out bulbs.
CHRISTMAS LIGHT & EXTENSION CORD RENTALS: We rent commercial-grade LED lights—recommended because they (1) reduce energy costs, (2) require fewer extension cords, and (3) are far less likely to blow a fuse vs. non-LED lights. (Please note that availability for rentals is limited, so book us early!)
All custom decor (inflatables, wreaths, statues, etc.) are to be provided by the homeowner.

STEP 3: Installing Lights & Decor
Our expert Christmas lighting installers will have your home exterior (including gutter lines, roof, chimney, window frames, doorways, etc.) and landscaping decorated within approximately 2-3 hours. If necessary, we can include professional-quality clips to hang each bulb in a uniform pattern, and install dusk-to-dawn timers.
Please note that we will also set up your indoor tree, with hanging your ornaments and tinsel available. We will also decorate your outdoor trees, bushes, and shrubs.

STEP 4: Maintaining Materials & Work
If any bulbs burn out or affixed lighting or custom decor slips loose between our set-up and pack-up, simply call us and we will come out to replace lights or make adjustments free of additional charge!
We proudly stand behind our services—which also includes a warranty for labor and materials that we supply for the duration of the display. Does not cover accidents or abuse, weather conditions, or defective materials/workmanship supplied by others.

STEP 5: Removing Lighting & Decor
Once Santa has returned to the North Pole (or the New Year has begun, depending upon your pre-arranged schedule), we will return to your home to take down all lights, extension cords, clips, tape, zip ties, screws, and other materials that we used to provide this year’s Christmas cheer.
Before we leave, however, we will complete…

STEP 6: Packing for Storage
Everything that you own will be neatly disassembled and/or wrapped, and placed in boxes or bags for your storage.

Then off we will ride in our sleigh (OK, our truck), with a hearty “Happy New Year!” and our hopes to see you next winter for a new and exciting Christmas lighting project!

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