Saturday, November 19, 2016

Top 9 contractor excuses, you tell us the 10th!

Soooo, we are all aware of the stigma that surrounds contractors as a whole. Unreliable, never delivering on promises, always going over budget, not trustworthy - just to name a few. One of the biggest challenges to gaining access to new clientele as a contractor, is TRUST!

Here at HomeGlow Painting in Princeton, we are out to shatter that stigma, one brush stroke at a time. But, until we succeed in picking up everyone else's slack (and we will!!) - let's have some fun....

Here are our TOP 9 contractor excuses, sorry as they may be...

  1. I am licensed and insured (when they definitely are NOT!)
  2. I have over 25 years of experience, they're just not telling you what they have 25 years of experience in. (most likely, 25 years making license plates in the joint)
  3. I'll be right over. (how many times have you heard this?)
  4. Now who broke that? (if you're only working with one contractor, it's not going to be difficult to figure out who broke your dishes and won't own up to it)
  5. I didn't do it. (this ties into number 4, but some contractors even take it a step further and feel the need to blame their problems on other people or even their employees.)
  6. I can start your job tomorrow. (until later on that evening when the contractor tells you something different.)
  7. What time did I say I was going to be there? Some contractors confuse Eastern, Pacific and Standard Time Zones.
  8. Of course I have references. (They will get them to you later that day so they can scramble for friends and relatives phone #'s and addresses - and also give them a heads up)
  9. We can use something else. (some contractors choose to replace items specified by engineers and architects, because they "know better" and have more experience.)
  10. Share your favorite (more like least favorite) contractor or call-out-of-work type excuse here!


  1. I ran out of money and can't continue unless you give me more.

  2. Hi Kevin! Great topic here. We once had our carpenter tell us that our new siding "will look better in the spring time when the materials expand with the temperature" Unbelievable.

  3. My all time favorite has to be "Don't worry, it wipes off." AND THEN IT DOESN'T....