Saturday, November 12, 2016

That's SO *****ed up! (read this **** to fill in the blank)

KEY: That's SO caulked up! (read this blog to fill in the blank)

A homeowner's worst nightmare starts like this...

After a long month of working overtime to get that new bathroom renovation finally underway, you return home only to find that the, "carpenter," you hired left early this Friday - and when you look even closer, it's seriously a *****ed up mess! (we mean caulked, I swear... really, count the stars!)

You are heated! Your on the phone right away to confront him about how this level of craftsmanship came out of his company... after all, he seemed so trustworthy! He apologizes for this mistake, a new guy just started with him this morning. He swears it's a rookie mistake. They'll be back 7 AM sharp on Monday morning to fix it.... everything is under control.... disaster averted.

Flash forward... Monday 7:45 AM = No one shows. No missed calls on your cell phone. You've been at work since 7:00 and won't be home until later this evening - no time to call him now. Arghhhh.

By Friday, still no one has shown or called and now your seriously worried and frustrated. You call for the 48th time this week (yes, you've counted) and leave a message that he is fired. PHEW, that felt good. But now your left with a problem, one caulked up mess!

Here's a simple 5 step process to fix this once and for all...

  1. Remove the old caulking by first applying paint thinner with an artist's brush. * Be sure not to over apply, the purpose is to loosen the material only!              
  2. Next use a single edged razor blade to remove any stubborn caulk. 
  3. Repeat steps one and two if necessary.
  4. Once all of the old caulking has been removed, re-caulk the desired joint with a pea sized bead of caulking.
  5. Wipe the excess caulk from the joint with a dampened rag (use warm water and a small bit of soap on the rag) IMPORTANT: Do not caulk joints larger than 1/4 of an inch.

After you've followed these steps on your first weekend off in a month, your happier than ever. Why? Your bathroom's finishing touches are finally coming together and your HUGE contractor bills have been unexpectedly eliminated (which means no more overtime, yahooo!! sorry Google). Great reasons, but that's not what really makes you feel good...

Your happy because on your nasty Yelp! review your able to actually school that carpenter with a lesson that everyone will see, along with before and after photos which not only inflates your pride, but is super sweet revenge.

Hahahaha, okay... maybe that's an extreme case. But you get the idea.

For more exciting stories about sub-par-contractors and all of their sorry excuses (there's a million), stay tuned to our next blog article which promises to be a crowd pleaser.

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